Fall-Themed Dance Lessons For Kids

If you're planning fall-inspired dance lessons for kids ages 3-6, take your cues from nature. Teach young children about the natural world while encouraging them to move and dance at the same time. Not only will they learn about the changing seasons, they'll also have a chance to work on coordinated movements and sharpening their direction-taking skills while using their creativity.  When planning the autumn-themed dance lesson plans, take the youngsters' short attention spans into consideration. Read More 

5 Real-World Benefits Of Summer Dance Camp

Your budding ballerina, mini modern star or tiny tapper is registered and set for dance camp. Yay! You already know that the summer program will help your child to learn new skills and develop her craft. But, how else will it help her? Along with the obvious dance-related benefits, this type of performing arts camp can help young students in plenty of other ways. This includes building real-world skills that your child will use throughout her life. Read More